Our Mission

Exceeeding high expectations

The management and staff of T. R. Arnold & Associates, Inc. are committed to providing a level of service which meets and, where possible, exceeds the expectations of all with whom we work - including both regulatory authorities and clients.

  • Prompt and efficient processing of all client documentation;
  • Prompt response to any questions or problems brought to our attention;
  • Professional and consistent review of client documentation;
  • Inspections conducted in a professional manner by qualified personnel;
  • Clear and concise documentation of all discrepancies discovered;
  • An atmosphere which fosters mutual trust and respect;
  • Access to an easy and free exchange of ideas among all personnel;
  • A team atmosphere with full group cooperation;
  • A work environment conducive to quality goals;
  • The necessary provisions to allow achievement of all quality goals.

The management and staff are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of quality performance.

Our Mission

Our History

TRA blazed the trail to standards achievement with the industry, both in the U.S. and around the world.

When TRA began there were no industry-wide standards, no cohesive body of government regulations, and no one for manufacturers to turn to for help. With an original staff of three employees, TRA offered limited services to clients throughout the United States.

In 1997 T.R. Arnold & Associates, Inc. became an Employee Owned Company. Today we serve all of North America, Europe, and Pacific Rim. Our corporate headquarters is located in Elkhart, Indiana with members of our inspection staff located in many states throughout our service area. With this approach, we can offer, prompt and efficient service to our established clients as well as meet the demand for our new clients.

Our Team

Knowledge and Experience

Our professional team of employees have a wide range of industrial knowledge and experience. This coupled with our relationships with federal and state agencies, we are able to meet and/or exceed the needs of our clients.