Consultation & Project Managment

With a staff having a breadth of experience spanning many years in all phases of the manufactured shelter industry and various engineering fields, TRA offers consultation services in areas where there is no possibility of conflicting interests with our primary functions of plan review, certification, and inspection. Past experience has included plant site evaluation, manufacturing facility design, product design, engineering analysis, production tooling, preparation of working drawings and bill of materials, and nearly every other aspect of the design and manufacturing process. We are knowledgeable in the latest tooling and computer techniques as well as CAD systems.


TRA can provide consultation on any project with the exception of projects that we will later review and/or approve as this would be a conflict of interest.


Please contact us if you have any question regarding consultation services. We are always available and would be pleased to assist you any where possible.

Horse Trailer

We'll provide consultation on nearly every aspect of the design and manufacturing process— provided there is no conflict of interest with our plan review, certification, or inspection services.