Horse/Race Car Trailer Conversions

In recent years, the industry has expanded the recreational vehicle facilities to include horse trailers, race car trailers and similar units which have become very popular.


TRA has been a leader in the inspection/listing of horse trailer and race car trailer conversions since the inception of this exciting business many years ago. Our program offers an economical and flexible alternative to other available listing services. We also provide Third Party approvals and assistance with all necessary state licensing and approvals, which industry associations cannot offer. We currently inspect and list many manufacturers of these products ranging from the industry giants to small custom shops throughout the country.

Horse Trailer


The TRA Inspection Program for conversion trailers is the same as the recreational vehicle inspection program which we have operated since the inception of the RV standards. TRA is a qualified Third Party Plan Review and/or Inspection agency for every state which recognizes such programs. Since 1969, TRA has serviced hundreds of manufacturers of recreational vehicles, horse trailer conversions and race car conversions.


All units are investigated for compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Standard A119.2 is the standard for Recreational Vehicles and applicable portions of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) National Electrical Code. Manufacturing facilities are also evaluated to assure that adequate quality assurance programs are in place and operated effectively.

Audits of our clients are conducted on an unannounced basis at a minimum frequency of approximately every ten weeks. Large manufacturers may be audited on a more frequent basis. Small custom shops with very limited production may be placed on a special schedule to assure that they do not receive a disproportionate amount of audits. These audits are performed by licensed construction code inspectors and, several of whom are certified ISO auditors. Manufacturers who show evidence of below average performance or whose quality assurance procedures appear to be ineffective are placed on a more frequent audit schedule.


There is no initiation or membership fee associated with the TRA program. All services are available on a time and expenses basis and insignia fees are very reasonable.



TRA management employees have served on all committees involved with development of the RV standards and currently chair the A119 Correlating Committee and the RPTIA Standards Committee as well as serving on several other industry committees.


TRA also contributes articles upon occasion to various industry publications.



TRA has always maintained recognition as an approved Third Party Plan Review and/or Inspection Agency wherever these programs are operated. The TRA insignia is recognized throughout the United States as an indication that the manufacturer has a quality system in place to assure compliance with the current standards for recreational vehicles.

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