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T.R. Arnold & Associates can help you with a quality process to produce high-value Energy Star Homes. Through TRA, Energy Star labels are available to complete the required certification process, and we can help you with a quality process to produce high-value Energy Star Homes.
Exceptional Services

Energy Star Homes

Here at T.R. Arnold & Associates, Inc., we provide exceptional services that certify all of your manufacturing facility needs, and we assist our clients to produce Energy Star homes that are desirable to their energy-conscious consumers.

What is Energy Star?

The government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, Energy Star helps both businesses and consumers to make clever decisions about, well, their energy efficiency.

Within the US, thousands of commercial, industrial, utility, local, and state organizations partner with the EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) to convey energy-efficient, money-saving solutions that not only protect public health but also protect the climate and improve air quality.

Energy Star was formed in 1992. Since then, its partners have helped American businesses and families save a whopping 5 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, achieve greenhouse gas reductions by 4 billion metric tons, and prevent a staggering $450 billion in energy costs.

And in 2019, Energy Star and its partners helped US businesses and citizens save almost 500 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and avoid energy costs of up to $39 billion.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Benefits of Energy Star

If you’re an American business owner and looking to reduce your customer’s household energy consumption, we can offer you many benefits as an Energy Star partner. These include:

Saving Money

As previously mentioned, Energy Star saved almost $39 billion in energy costs in 2019. By installing Energy Star certified doors, windows, and skylights, you’ll lower your energy bills and save money. You’ll also use less energy due to your windows being more efficient, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from homes and power plants.

Be Comfortable

Energy Star certified doors, windows, and skylights will help to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable and consistent level. Say goodbye to drafts and overheated spaces, and hello to cozy seating areas, even by the window.

Protecting Valuables

Many Energy Star certified doors, windows, and skylights have low-emissivity coatings. This reduces UV sun damage to furniture, carpets, and floors, helping you to protect your valuables.

Certified Performance

Every Energy Star product that T.R. Arnold & Associates, Inc. certifies for our clients is verified to perform as it is labeled.

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