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TRA offers civil engineering services in areas where there are no conflicting interests with our primary functions of modular plan review, inspection and certification.
Inception to Completion

Nationwide Offerings

TRA offers civil engineering services in areas where there are no conflicting interests with our primary functions of modular plan review, inspection and certification. We can provide engineering services to the Industrialized Building Industry for code approvals nationwide. Our staff of engineers can provide calculations supporting your designs or assisting in the design for Manufactured Housing and the International Building Code.

From inception to completion, T.R. Arnold can help you develop, analyze, design, manufacture, test, and sustain modular structure projects. We are expert engineers on the various forces that are exerted on commercial and residential structures and use that knowledge in conjunction with our experience with building codes and standards to design structures that will stand the test of time.

When embarking on an engineering project, hiring a third-party engineering service offers a whole host of benefits. In addition to our state specific civil professional engineering licenses, our engineers are also master code professionals (MCP) thru the International Code Council (ICC). Not only do you receive additional assistance when meeting deadlines and finishing your project, but your project can benefit in ways in which you may not have imaged.

Our Civil Engineering Services Include
Commercial building design and modifications
Residential building design and modifications
Industrial building design and modifications
Wood frame (light-frame) design and calculation packages
Concrete design and calculation packages
Steel (structural, cold-formed, light gauge) design and calculation packages
Insulated metal panel (IMP) design and calculation packages

Special inspections and structural observations

Benefits Of

Hiring a Third-Party Engineering Agency

Provides Assurance

A Third-Party engineering agency can provide assurance of code compliance with all applicable codes and regulations through a certification program. Civil engineers also play a huge role in making sure the building will stay within the boundaries of the land and that any changes you make won’t disturb any surrounding homes or businesses.

Ensures the Building Meets Local Building Codes

Civil engineers help ensure your building meets the code requirements in your area. They also help ensure your building is structurally sound and won’t fail during a tornado, earthquake, or climatic event.

Ensure the Foundation is Suitable

If you choose the wrong type of foundation, you could have major problems in the future. That’s why hiring a civil engineer is so important. They can help you pick the right type of foundation to ensure the home will last for decades.

Receive an Outside Perspective

Too often, teams become so immersed in finishing a project that they lose perspective on the effectiveness of their work. Hiring a third-party engineering service means you are bringing in a fresh pair of eyes to your project. Small or seemingly simple problems that go unnoticed by a team can have big consequences. Our engineering services will help you uncover issues that may have been missed before construction begins.
Ensure Safety and Comfort

Work with a Third-Party Engineering Service Provider Today!

There are so many other reasons to hire a civil engineer to help you with your project, and the above are just some of the most important points. Regardless, hiring a civil engineer is vital simply because we ensure that your building isn’t only able to be brought to life, it can be done in such a way that still offers a comfortable and safe living environment. So, if you are ready to begin your building project, don’t forget to work with a civil engineer!

T.R. Arnold & Associates is an engineering company in Indiana that offers services to the manufactured shelter/housing industry. If you need help ensuring that your home or building is built to specifications, work with us today!

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