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Structural Engineer Foundation Inspection

Jun 13, 2022 | Our Blog

This guide explains common causes of structural damage in factory-built buildings and when you need to arrange a structural engineer foundation inspection.

Factory-built buildings are popular and affordable but can suffer if an unexpected incident like an earthquake or sinkhole happens. This guide explains common causes of structural damage in factory-built buildings and when you need to arrange a structural engineer foundation inspection.

Why Do You Need a Structural Engineer Foundation Inspection?

There are several reasons you might need to arrange an inspection. Common causes include:

  • Earthquakes

Even minor earth tremors can cause foundational damage to buildings. If cracks appear in the foundation after a disturbance, the entire building could be at risk of collapse. You should always book an appointment with an engineer if you’ve experienced such an incident.

  • Sinkholes or potholes

Factory-built structures are just as susceptible as site-built structures to potential sinkholes or potholes developing nearby. If such a hole appears because of collapsed ground, it can seriously affect the property’s foundations. Arrange a visit from an engineer immediately.

  • Wear and tear

Noticed cracks in your property that appear to have grown since you moved in? This could be a sign that the foundation is beginning to crumble. In older properties, this can indicate that slow damage over time has built up to a point that the entire structure is threatened.

  • Selling a property

If you’re about to sell your property, the buyer will bring in an inspector to ensure that the building’s structure is sound. If there are issues you haven’t accounted for, this will cause the property’s value to diminish. It’s worth arranging an inspection and repairs if you’re about to sell your home.

When to Arrange an Inspection

The best time to arrange an inspection is now. As soon as you notice that there’s an issue with your building’s critical structure, you should call a professional to assess the extent of the damage.

The need is even keener if it’s an emergency. Incidents like earthquakes, sinkholes, or impacts from a vehicle or other collision require immediate attention from a professional. This isn’t just a matter of keeping your property well-maintained; it can be a matter of life safety. If the property’s foundations are compromised, there’s a chance of collapse at any moment. You need an engineer to assess whether the building is safe to live in.

A structural engineer foundation inspection isn’t just a service you book to upgrade the value of your home or building. It can be a life-saving intervention. If in doubt, make the call.

Final Thoughts

Any concerns about the foundation of your home or business demand immediate attention from a professional. Don’t delay – book an appointment and find out what needs to be done to keep you safe.

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