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Timber Frame Engineering

Jun 13, 2022 | Our Blog

Are you looking for a safer and more innovative way to build a strong structure for your buildings? Consider timber frame engineering. 

Timber engineering will assist in creating the exact specifications and design you want, all while being code-compliant and maintaining your structure’s longevity.

Why Timber Frame?

There are several reasons to opt for timber frame joints. Here are the top ones: 

  • More Affordable

Structures built using timber offer a huge opportunity. Since panels are produced off-site, there is a greater chance of reducing costs and increasing quality control. This improves construction optimization. 

Companies can cut down on materials used, which significantly limits the amount of waste produced. This results in fewer site preliminaries and lower office and worksite expenses. 

  • More Efficient

Heavy timber framing is a strong and efficient means of building if you’re looking to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. This approach employs the popular mortise and tenon method that intersects large interlocking timbers with wooden pegs for a sturdy hold.

Timber frame design offers the efficiency that’s most commonly used in the construction of barns and similar structures. Many builders utilize timber frame design software to make this design even more efficient and precise. This assists in designing accurately and creating a model that builders can follow closely at every stage of the process. 

Through the incorporation of this material and method of construction, builders can increase productivity significantly. This increased productivity cuts down on labor needs and further reduces the need for on-site supervision. This means even more savings, not only for your time but your money. After all, you’ll have to pay fewer people for less time. 

  • Improved Insulation

With adequate insulation between the heavy timber framing studs, this material will keep the weather out and the inside of the building at a nice temperature year-round. This is excellent news for the owners, who will enjoy lower costs to keep their building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

  • Environmental Impacts

This method of construction offers notable benefits for the environment as well. Scientists have proven that this wood-based material offers a significantly lower carbon footprint than other popular options. 

There are no huge factories producing wood as they must do for plastic or metal. As a result of low levels of carbon dioxide for production, it has become the perfect option for companies looking to create renewable and essentially organic structures. 

Choose Timber Framing

Improving quality with timber frame joints and frames means higher customer satisfaction rates due to ideal turn-around times and optimized efficiency. 

Heavy timber framing offers solutions by supplying quality, durability, and consistent dedication to ensure the job is completed accurately with environmentally friendly materials. 

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