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New York City Engineering Inspections

Aug 1, 2022 | Our Blog

Are you trying to become an approved fabricator but don't know where to start? T.R. Arnold & Associates can help with our team of New York engineers. New York City construction codes and guidelines have many requirements to approve fabricators for projects within the city, which could sometimes be discouraging. However, you can get all those requirements without hiring costly New York City building inspectors and specialists to become approved. Learn more about how we help you get certification as an approved fabricator in NYC.
TRA’s Quality Assurance Services

As an approved quality assurance agency, TRA can help you get the fabricator certification and start working on your premises. TRA will offer qualified New York engineers to help with quality control, saving you from hiring other engineers that cost much more. 

Here’s how TRA can help your certification bid. 

Helping with Paperwork & Your Application

The paperwork for fabricator certification can be tedious and sometimes frustrating. With the experience and resources of the TRA team, we can help with your application and direct you on the necessary paperwork. That makes your application process manageable and fast. It also saves you time that you could be using to build your project in NYC. 

In-Shop Monitoring Services from Licensed Engineers

Instead of hiring costly New York engineers to inspect in your shop, TRA provides monitoring services from highly qualified and licensed engineers that help ensure your shop is up to standard and ready for business. Having TRA as your agency of choice will significantly reduce the money you have to use to get your certification and start working. 

Becoming an Approved Fabricator 

It’s a hassle having to find New York City building inspectors to approve your operations. But you can rely on TRA’s in-house monitoring when you work with our team of New York engineers to become an approved fabricator. This makes it more affordable for you to maintain approved operations.  

Additionally, you can differentiate your business. High-quality products will always earn you more customers, and the status of an approved fabricator can go far in showing your dedication to quality with your customers. 

Once you obtain this status, you have the freedom to do multiple projects for your clients. The certificate will open your business to more building owners and therefore increase revenue. 

How To Obtain Approved Fabricator Status

Obtaining the approved fabricator status has a few steps, the first being the application. You need a certificate from a recognized and approved QA agency like TRA and a contract signed by the agency and you. You also need quality control and general liability insurance offered by the agency of choice. 

Get in Touch Today

Our agency is ready and willing to help you get your NYC fabricator certification to start making money with your skills. We have ICC-certified quality control New York City building inspectors to help inspect your premises and approve them for business. 

Contact us today and start enjoying our reasonably priced services in New York City.

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