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Washington Engineer Plan Review & Approval

Aug 1, 2022 | Our Blog

The Washington Plan Review teams produce services to help implement permits and other assistance for all Class 1 construction projects. In certain locations, lack of staff training and limited services cause months of delays due to the overall volume of plan review submissions. That's why TRA is ready to provide third-party services to clients that require their needs to be promptly met. This quick guide will showcase TRA's services to help develop your community.
Who Is TRA? 

TRA is a team of professionals operating globally in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim to help develop construction projects in understaffed or underqualified areas. 

Why Should You Use TRA?

Plan Reviews are needed to receive a CDR or a Construction Design Release. CDRs are required before a local building official can issue a building permit. This can allow construction to begin for sufficient projects. 

Who’s TRA’s Services For?

The team of associates at TRA aspire to meet the codes or set of standards necessary to enact your development project. 

Design Plans for Factory-Built Structures

TRA’s Washington Plan Review team offers various review services to help meet standards. Their research on factory-built structures includes: 

  • Structural
  • Life Safety
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical
  • Energy
Recreational Park Trailers

Recreational trailers require an Engineer Plan Review to cover a series of intricate parts and inspections. Operating an insufficient vehicle can both damage your property and endanger the community. 

Recreational Vehicles

The TRA staff can review any recreational vehicle or unit possessing a living quarter. TRA has experience in a wide range of units, including: 

  • Traditional RVs
  • Utility trailers
  • Race car trailers 
  • Horse trailers

These units must meet current standards. 

Conversion Vendor Units 

The TRA team can also review your conversion vendor unit, such as a Washington Food Truck. Our certified staff can review plans to enact your vendor unit so that it may pass local and federal regulations. 


How long does it take to approve food truck plans in Washington State?

The average time it takes to prepare and approve food truck plans is currently 8 weeks. TRA can help expedite this process. 

What permits are needed for a food truck in Washington state?

The state of Washington requires various permits, including: 

  1. Local Fire Permit
  2. Business License
  3. County health permit (for each city of vending)
What structures need plan review and approval in Washington state?

Buildings which are constructed in factories and at other offsite locations and then shipped to Washington must be approved by L&I. This includes equipment shelters that can be entered by personnel.

Does Washington State require vehicle safety inspections?

In the state of Washington, safety inspections are required if you possess an out-of-state vehicle or enact plans to rebuild a vehicle. 

In certain areas, motorists are required to pass specific emission standards. 

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TRA provides services to the Manufactured Shelter/Housing Industry since 1967. Our services comprise of engineering approval, drafting, DAPIA, IPIA, third party modular plan review and inspection services.

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