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When Is a Structural Engineer Inspection Needed?

Apr 11, 2022 | Our Blog

A building inspector and contractor specialize in identifying issues, but it's important to consult other experts if you want a more in-depth look.

So, When Exactly Is a Structural Engineer Inspection Needed?

A structural engineer is an individual who oversees the structural integrity of a building. They do this by analyzing the building and how it is constructed and determining what structural elements are present. These engineers typically specialize in only one aspect of a building when conducting a structural engineer inspection. For example, there are structural engineers who focus on electrical grids or pipelines, but for the most part, their focus is on structures, buildings, or civil structures.

When are structural engineering services needed?

You will want to hire a structural engineer for a thorough analysis of the building’s foundation.  A structural engineer inspection will consist of first looking at the building’s structural integrity. If it’s a part of a condo or apartment building, they can also determine if the building has a proper foundation. They will go over the construction plans, review existing structures, and perform an inspection of the structure to determine if the building’s fundamental components are solid and if it is safe to live or work in.

What can you expect from a structural engineer inspection?

A structural engineer will inspect and make recommendations.  During a structural engineer inspection, the inspector will look at the building’s foundation and structure and determine if it is safe to live or work in. During this inspection, they will also inspect the roof and all electrical, plumbing, and other major components of the building. Hiring a structural engineer is certainly a more expensive option than hiring a building inspector, but if you are purchasing a building that you intend to stay in for a long time, it’s worth the investment to ensure you are spending time in a safe, solid building.

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When it comes to your building and the structural components of it, you want to know that you’re living in a safe structure. A building inspector and a structural engineer are the two most common experts who can help you assess the state of your building and make recommendations. Should you be in need of structural engineer inspection services, T.R. Arnold and Associates can help! We specialize in commercial & residential modular, manufactured housing, park trailers, and recreational vehicles. We offer engineering, inspections, and plan reviewing services. Inquire with us today!

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